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11-09-2015 - Fever - Day 62, part II

Nowadays, science is mastered by points, outcomes and indicators. This of course translates into a greater number of articles written by scientists, but whether it contributes to faster growth? Once again we have seen that the generation of further steps, indicators and titles is not science, but only a race without taking any risks. Generating a huge number of articles provides stability and titles, but why not replace points with inventions, applied research and new technological idea? The next generations will be based on our experience, so changes are needed here and now. Let us create, research, develop, do not be afraid of risky and courageous action because points do not contribute to the development and impact. What matters is not only what we do but also our influence on society through research tools and scientific development through successive solutions and inventions. Science is action, not points and through the TOP 500 Innovators internship, it will be much easier for us to implement changes and achieve goals.

11-09-2015 - Deep breath - Day 62, part I

Today we had our last breakfast in Cambridge, the last trip by bike to the Hauser Forum and the last lunch in Cavendish Laboratory. Yesterday we were at the banquet summarizing the project and I think that it will be proper to say that this was a farewell party. Before us packing and preparation for a collision with reality. But before we will prepare ourselves for the trip to Poland we had a final workshop in which we could summarize the TOP 500 Innovators internship at Cambridge.

At the workshop we were able to present activities that we want to implement after returning to Poland and provide solutions that met with both enthusiasm and rational criticism. It was a unique opportunity to get independent opinions from experts in various fields with unique baggage of experience and to take a deep breath before actions, which we will take soon.

After the workshop it was time for diplomas, which were handed us by the coordinators from Cambridge: Jessica Ocampos, Brian Corbett and Alex Smeets. And a special guest was Andy Hopper.

What can we add more, Dear Reader. We summarized months that we spent on this internship and we greatly regret that this time has passed so quickly. Initially, the course had a scheduled class hours, number of meetings and study visits, but often our ideas and creativity caused that many meetings, workshops and training were extended for long hours. With access to classrooms in colleges we had the opportunity to organize extra-curricular activities. Independently of the date, Wednesday or Sunday, group classes ended even at midnight, and although every day we work in a completely different system, even night classes were interesting. The Top 500 Innovators internship at Cambridge and Oxford was also a great opportunity to establish numerous contacts.


10th group that took this internship consisted of 40 strong personalities. But the similarity of the problems in different areas and determination was surprising.

Both the University of Cambridge and Oxford provide us a high level of substantive meetings and workshops, structured work with new and unconventional tools, and developed solutions that parent institutions would not have the possibility to implement ... today :) At internship we gained new skills, we have become even more creative, and we also learned to work efficiently while maintaining effective communication throughout the team. Now it's time for action!


10-09-2015 - A scientist at the Chamber of Secrets - Day 61, part III

All good things often end faster than we want, but let's enjoy each moments in Cambridge. After the presentation, we went to Clare College, located in the heart of the city, right next to King's College. Clare College is as phenomenal as neighboring colleges. It was was built just after Peterhouse College. His buildings are located on both sides of the river Cam. Garden belonging to the college is located at the rear of the building, and we had an opportunity to enjoy the views of very beautiful green Cambridge.

The British way to deal with latecomers isa meeting in the garden before the banquet. This meeting usually lasts half an hour, it is therefore time for conversation and relaxation for those who came in at the last minute. There is no hurry, and everything is going according to plan. After the meeting in the garden we went together through the courtyard and thoroughly enjoyed the dinner specialties together with our mentors from Cambridge and Oxford, who came specially for the occasion, along with guests from Imperial College and the Polish Embassy in London.

What can we say more about this evening... Talking about moments spent together here in recent months, joint planning meetings after returning and numerous projects and smiles, and at the same time sadness that our adventure comes to an end. The banquet was unique and will long remain in our memories. Fortunately, tomorrow, we will meet again, this time in Hauser Forum.

10-09-2015 - Final battle - Day 61, part II

Time to start presentations and the poster session. Apart from us, the guests sat in the courtroom. Scientists, entrepreneurs, specialists, and even guests from the Polish Embassy in London. Before us 15 minutes of each presentation and a few minutes of discussion, and everything is in order to convince them to our idea. The group working on ligaments started. or. Then other groups presented and their ideas developed during i-Teams in recent weeks.

Past presentations gave us the opportunity to prepare for the surprising questions, but there is no way to prepare for everything. Some of the questions raised today were as surprising as at the initial speeches. Today's presentation was another clash with reality, which again made it clear to us that even achieving success, we can not rest on our laurels. Even if we are the best at what we do it does not mean that it will be like this always. Filling the niche we should always look for another in a particular field, because we can always be better.

Today's speeches were extremely exciting for all of us, and after the presentation Gregory presented the Innovation & Impact - magazine, which day by day grows stronger. We will not bore you with the details of each presentation Dear Reader. We'll add only that each group received the desired certificate, each group has achieved success, and many of us will have the opportunity to develop their concepts after returning to Poland, in cooperation with the people we met today during the presentations.

Working in iTeams groups taught us a lot. Some of us worked in interdisciplinary teams for the first time. Some of us worked for the first time on the project that had a commercial potential, more insiders for the first time had the opportunity to talk with investors, and others seasoned with investors and having many deployments have improved their skills in the UK system. Each of us took for this internship different baggage of experience and everyone will come back with a completely different skills set.

Viva TOP 500 Innovators Programme!

10-09-2015 - Relacje i realny wpływ - Dzień 61, część I

Once again it's high time to summarize, in the lead role discussed earlier influences and relationships. During the last weeks we had an incredible opportunity to meet many brilliant personalities, people with character, knowledge and experience. We had the opportunity to demonstrate our skills in many areas, and to meet many expectations. The continuation of the adventures of commercialization depends on us. The morning workshops have brought us another handful of summaries, which gave us a new batch of knowledge. Once again, the accumulated knowledge turned into a nucleus that will surely sprout after returning from the internship by pushing us to action.

Today, we analyzed the relationships in the group, with your boss, co-workers and other persons with whom we deal in all projects. We discussed the real impact of our project on a number of factors. Also we answered numerous questions that we left at the end of the session exploring the ins and outs of commercialization according to the recipe of Cambridge. After the questions, it's time for a final summary of the i-Teams work. Thanks to the i-Teams project we had the opportunity to prove ourselves in many fields and experience work in interdisciplinary teams. We could also implement the ideas in areas we did not take into account previously choosing new targets for research. During the i-Teams we not only met new, talented scientists, but we got to know each other better. Ahead of us the hardest part of internship ... the final i-Teams presentations. Dear Reader, keep your fingers crossed!

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